Get Your Audience to Help Carry your “Plank”

Last Updated on Sunday, 9 April 2017 02:13 Written by Pam Chambers Sunday, 9 April 2017 02:13

My last blog was an analogy about how to get your audience to be the alternator to your battery. Here is another analogy: Get your audience to help carry your plank.

Have you ever tried to carry a plank of wood by yourself? It’s not easy. The challenge? Balance. If you lose balance, the plank can careen in all directions, causing mayhem and destruction.

Imagine that someone sees you trying to carry a plank by yourself. “Rusty” says, “Hey, let me give you a hand with that!” Rusty grabs the back end of the plank, you move to the front, and you point the way. Now it’s easy!

Think of this analogy as a way to get your audience to help you carry the “plank” of your presentation. All you need to do is start asking questions early on. If your questions are clear (and safe) the audience will respond. Now they are helping you carry your plank. Just announce your destination, and they will assist!

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