The Value of Feedback

Last Updated on Thursday, 4 January 2018 10:32 Written by Pam Chambers Thursday, 4 January 2018 10:32

There was a man in my class who followed the conversation in the room by moving only his eyes. His head, neck, shoulders, and torso remained fixed in place. Only his eyes moved.

I found myself wondering if he had an injury that prevented normal motion, but no . . . he moved freely while entering the classroom and while interacting with others during the break.

I had to say something: Robert, I notice that when you follow the conversation that occurs around the table, you move only your eyes and no other parts of your body. Youre not unable to move, are you? He said he had no physical impairment.

Then, when you dont move your body to show that youre tracking the conversation, you might be misunderstood as being suspicious, wary, or on guard. OR, that were not worth the energy that it would take to move in concert with us. It would be better if you turned your body in response to the action around the table.

No ones ever told me that before. I know.

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