Don’t Pack Too Much

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 June 2018 09:54 Written by Pam Chambers Thursday, 14 June 2018 09:51

One of the biggest mistakes presenters make is they pack too much in! They are so afraid of running out of material that they over-do it, and then they run out of time. They start rushing to fit it all in, and we feel their panic. Their message may be lost in the flurry of words.

Pack your talk as if you were packing a suitcase. Don’t you want to leave some room for some goodies you find along the way?

I had a student who planned her talks to the second! During one of her talks, we thought something was humorous and we laughed. She waved her hands wildly to silence us. Afterwards, I asked, “Why didn’t you allow us to laugh?” “I didn’t have time for you to laugh!”

If that weren’t so sad, it would almost be funny.

It’s better to end up with extra time than to sit on your suitcase to force it closed.


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