Who’s in Your Room?

Last Updated on Saturday, 1 December 2018 09:03 Written by Pam Chambers Saturday, 1 December 2018 09:03

My former mentor, Stewart Emery, just published his latest book, Who’s in Your Room? The premise is that the quality of your life depends on who you allow into your “room.”

As a guest speaker at a company retreat, a college classroom, or a Rotary Club meeting, you will not have the ability to control who enters the room. The cast of characters may include: the know-it-all, the rummager, the device-addict, the nay-sayer, and a bunch of extras who just sit there.

You need a toolbox for managing these behaviors. Some tools, such as “Move toward the distraction,” will be used frequentlyperhaps every time you speak. I have a tool named “Halt!” which I’ve used only once, but I keep it in the toolbox just in case. (I used this tool when I noticed too many people leaving the auditorium in the middle of my talk. I wanted to stop them and find out why they were leaving. So I blocked the door, spread my arms and legs wide, and loudly said, “Halt! Why are people leaving? Someone help me out.” It turns out several had to attend a mandatory training session I hadn’t been told about. I held the door open for those people.)

Sometimes the people in your room want to be there. Sometimes they don’t. The quality of your life will be improved if you make space for everyone who ends up in your room. When viewed through the correct lens, even a heckler can provide golden opportunities. Who’s in your room?



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