Annoying Habits Speakers Should Avoid

Written by Pam Chambers

Why does he keep doing that? Its driving me crazy! Have you ever thought this as you watched someone give a presentation? Here are five annoying habits that you should avoid:

Jingling keys and coins.

When youre nervous, your hands often tell the tale. Many people stand in front of the room, immediately put a hand in a pocket, and begin to fiddle with keys and coins. This is very annoying. Stop it! Free both hands and make meaningful gestures, or if you must, hold a marker in one hand (ready to write on a flip chart). Which brings me to the next point.

Clicking the top of the marker on and off.

As I listened to a student give a one-minute talk, I counted the number of times he clicked the top of the marker on and off. Nineteen! He was the only one who didnt notice it. In fact, he denied it.

Touching your face (especially your nose and mouth).

My sister reported listening to a counselor who spoke about parenting skills. During his talk, he constantly put his fingers on (and in) his mouth.

At the end of the evening, he asked everyone to join hands in a prayer for the children. She scrambled to makesure she didnt have to stand next to him, and pitied the two people who did!

Playing with your hair.

When youre having a bad hair day, its natural to want to tame that errant strand. However, this only calls attention to the problem, and drives people crazy in the process. Women with long hair should avoid constantly flipping it and caressing it. Tie it back, or spray it in place.

Making tsk-ing/smacking sounds.

Some people do this before each sentence as if to say, Now hear this! Get someone to fine you $1.00 each time, and youll break this habit fast.

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