Could You Stand Alone?

Written by Pam Chambers

“NOW we’re talking!” That’s what I said aloud when I recently watched a YouTube video of comedian Demetri Martin perform a hilarious routine without any bells or whistles. On the stage were three things: Demetri, a stool, and a glass of water. Oh, and about half-way into the gig he produced a flip chart which contained pages of simple drawings that accompanied his jokes.

It was a relief to not be distracted by somber lighting, power point images with too many illegible words, and confusing slides that didn’t direct the gaze. Our eye knew exactly where to be on Demetri. And to his credit, he was dressed as plainly as possible: ordinary shoes, non-decript pants, a plain t-shirt, and well-fitting unzipped sweatshirt. The only note-worthy element was his signature Beatles-style haircut.

As a coach, my goal for each student and client is to have them be ABLE to do it this way. If all your technical tools and devices were to be snatched away by fate, could you stand alone and deliver a memorable message? Become that kind of speaker.


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