Talk about what you WANT!

Written by Pam Chambers

Many speakers are too eager to please and they accommodate the wrong thing.

1. “Oh, you have chips! Do you have enough to share?”

2. “You seem to know a lot about this. Would you like to come to the stage?”

3. “Why don’t you and I talk about this after my presentation?”

Here’s why these responses should be avoided:

1. Why did you offer that option? You don’t WANT a bag of chips going around the room! Ask for what you want. “My mistake, everyone! I forgot to say that we should save snacking for the break.”

2. Do you really want to hand over your power (and your microphone and stage) to a know-it-all? Instead, say, “Audrey is correct when she says . . . ” Interrupt the know-it-all with praise.

3. When you offer to talk with an audience member after your presentation, many people will check to see if you followed up on that. Do you really want to talk with that person? If not, don’t offer.

In summary, talk about what you WANT instead of what you don’t want!



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