Tell Your Audience How Many Slides They’ll Be Seeing

Written by Pam Chambers

If you plan to use power point during your presentation, create rapport with your audience before you start showing slides. Let people “take you in.” They need to sense whether they like you and trust you before they can be receptive to your message. They need to assess whether they’ll be safe in your hands.

THEN, say, “I am now going to show you (number) of slides that will help you get the most from this presentation.” People get uneasy and anxious when they suspect on-coming over-load. When you tell them how many slides they’ll be seeing (the fewer the better), they’ll know how much “band width” to allot for what’s to come.

After you’ve shown the last slide, finish up with a brief story, a conclusion, and a call for action. YOU should be the bookends of your presentation — not slides!

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