Choose the Right Channel

    Some people claim that they are "too self-conscious" to speak in front of others. My response is, "You're right. You're too self-conscious." People seem slightly taken aback when I say this, but it's true.

    Your brain can be on only one channel at a time. There are three from which to choose:

    1. The Me Channel: When you are on this channel, you are thinking only about yourself: How's my hair? Did I wear the right outfit? What should I do with my hands? What if I don't know the answer? 
    2. The Them Channel: This is better. This channel allows you to focus on the audience. What causes them to lean in? When do they start taking notes? That man has a question on his face. Find out what he's wondering. When you are on this channel, self-consciousness is not possible.
    3. The Us Channel: This is the ideal channel. Think of it as a seamless circuit. You put an idea out there. You see a response. You respond to that response. They respond to that response. This creates the wonderful state of "Us-ness."

    Choose the right channel.


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